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Level 1

  • No NPD process exists.
  • There is a flurry of NPD activity any discipline surrounding the management of NPD development activities.
  • Criteria for evaluating projects are not defined.
  • There is no NPD process owner or NPD process champion.

Level 2

  • Informal, decentralized NPD process exists where different groups use their own tailored process.
  • Limited documentation exists on the NPD process.
  • The process can be readily circumvented by anyone.
  • A few standard criteria are used for evaluation of NPD project activity.
  • Idea generation is structured and formal.
  • Different processes exists for ideas coming from internal and external resources.
  • Minimal testing is performed.
  • Product champions are critical to NPD success.

Level 3

  • A common NPD process cuts across organizational groups.
  • Documentaion on the NPD process is available.
  • Idea database is maintained.
  • Time critical projects my skip stages of  process.
  • Product champions play an important role, but are not mandatory.
  • One individual or group can be readily identified as the process manager.
  • There is an apparent NPD discipline.



Level 4

  • One formal stage-gate type process is employed for the entire organization.
  • The NPD process is quite visible and well-documented.
  • Personnel are very disciplined in using the process to develop all new offerings.
  • Go/No-Go criteria are clear and pre-defined for each review gate.
  • The NPD process is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs, size, and risk of individual projects.
  • There is an intranet for NPD process documentation.

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