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Level 1

  • No NPD goals.
  • Short-term, tactical view of NPD.
  • NPD projects are identified during budget process and resources are allocated accordingly.
  • NPD project selection is driven by funding.
  • Pet prjects are quite common and prevalent.

Level 2

  • Unclear NPD goals.
  • Organizational mission and strategic plan drives NPD project selection.
  • Products, programs, or services are identified for regular updating.
  • Most projects fit with mission, but some pet projects that do not fit mission may exist.

Level 3

  • NPD goals are clearly aligned with organization's mission and strategic plan.
  • NPD goals are clearly defined and well known across organization.
  • Strategic plans identifies areas of opportunity.
  • Market studies guide strategic plan priorities.
  • The number of pet projects is minimized.

Level 4

  • Mission and strategic plan help define stratgic arenas for new opportunities.
  • Opportunity identification is ongoing and can redirect the strategic plan in real-time in order to respond to market forces and new technologies.
  • There are strategic resources available and allocated to facilitate innovation and future visioning.
  • There is a long-term strategic view of new product development.


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