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Level 1

  • NPD is performed by individuals.
  • Pevalent department silos.
  • No project leaders.
  • Personnel take on too many projects.
  • No identifiable NPD group.

Level 2

  • NPD is decentralized within each business unit / deparment.
  • Champions shepherd projects and are a mainstay of project success.
  • Full-time employees dedicated to NPD.
  • No NPD teams but cross-functional meetings are used  to discuss new ideas / projects.
  • NPD is committee-focused.
  • Subject matter experts, volunteers and possible board of advisors influence opportunity identificatio and concept generation stages.


Level 3

  • Department liasons comprise established NPD teams (multi-functional teams are used).
  • Identifiable new product managers within buisness unit / department.
  • Each project has a project leader.
  • Champions exist for each project, but not necessary for project success.
  • Not all projects go through the NPD group. Some projects are simply handled by department managers.
  • Some NPD training.


Level 4

  • Cross-functional teams underlie the NPD process.
  • Each project has a core team which remains on the project from beginning to end.
  • NPD is team-focused.
  • Clearly identifiable project leader.
  • A NPD group exists and is dedicated to just NPD work.
  • Use of project management software and techniques to manage projects.
  • Ongoing NPD training and NPD awareness.

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