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Have a new idea you need to get off the ground or need a new market growth opportunity to explore? 
Our services are focused on providing what is needed to transform raw ideas into revenue.  Our expert guidance helps define compelling value propositions with competitive advantage, create alignment with business models, define project plans and resource requirements, and determine required go-to-market channels.  Our expertise in front end planning can help you quickly transform you raw idea into an executable program, with clear visibility to cost, resource requirements, time-frames, and potential return.  We help you define exactly what is needed to succeed, and help you avoid costly mistakes in hiring the wrong skills or selecting the wrong partners.
  • Our Value Proposition Advisory Service helps define the competitively superior value proposition needed to drive definition and creation of the product.
  • Our Business Model Advisory Service helps define what is needed to deliver the value proposition, the fit to your business model, and discovery of  hidden revenue opportunities,
  • Our Business Planning Coaching service helps define the complete business plan, program resources needs, and execution tasks needed to convert the idea into an successful offering. 
  • Our Product Management Training service helps assure your staff has the needed skills and knowledge to successfully execute and manage a product program.
  • Through our General Consulting Service we can provide the leadership needed to organize and plan a new initiative and provide the initial analysis and structure needed to hand the initiative over to established resources.
Do you always seem to be chasing your competitors with results that are late to market and over budget? Do you always find yourself in reactive fire fights with too many conflicting priorities? 
Our Innovation Management services are focused on helping you accelerate your time to market and get more from your current resources by improving your organization's efficiency in delivering new innovations.  We identify weak spots in your current operations and guide implementation of needed improvements to provide the greatest impact for the least amount of effort.
  • Our Innovation Capability Assessment provides a complete holistic snap-shot of your current organizational capabilities, serving as a base line for planning appropriate interventions needed for improvement. 
  • Our Product Manager Education Services work to advance the skills and knowledge of those responsible for driving innovation in your firm's, increasing your overall effectiveness in innovation activities.
  • Our General Consulting Services addresses core issues of innovation selection and evaluation, program definition, product development processes, and portfolio management systems to assure you are applying the right resources to the right opportunities.
Are you dissatisfied with your current level of return from your investments in new product development? ARE your products Failing to delight customers and falling short of revenue and market share goals?  
Our Innovation Management services are focused on improving your rate of return from investment in new products as well as the overall success of your products in the market.  We develop the internal knowledge and skills needed to improve your fit to market and create competitively superior market offerings. 
Creating market leading products requires coordinated cross-functional efforts.  However the quality of these efforts can be hampered by differing and conflicting perspectives and priorities.  Our suite of services help firms assure their strategic priorities are aligned across the entire organization and focused on customer satisfaction.  
  • Our Organizational Assessment Service examines key aspects of strategic organizational alignment and identifies misaligned gaps between strategy, process, leadership, and culture.
  • Our Value Proposition Advisory Service serves to create a common language across the organization needed to drive a cross-functional focus on the customer and market needs.
  • Our Business Model Advisory Service helps create a common language across the organization for understanding the current business model, and identifying opportunities for innovation.
  • Our Product Management Training service helps assure your staff has the needed skills and knowledge to successfully manage a product program across the various functions of the organization, and remains focused on program goals.
  • Through our General Consulting Service we can provide the cross-functional leadership needed to integrate diverse perspective into a unified collaborative effort.
Do you have a need for seasoned leadership skills to help get a new program off the ground, but can't afford or justify a new permanent hire?  Infuse the leadership skills needed at price you can afford with our fractional executive service.
This service provides you with access to the high level experience needed for initiating a new effort without the corresponding issues of a new permanent hire.  An interim executive is engaged for the long-haul, setting direction, policy, and guidelines, and then monitoring and directing the progress of activities executed by assigned resources.  We provide the leadership skills needed to get a new program organized and initiated, and can then withdraw once it is validated, established, and ready to be transferred or integrated into your established management structure.  We help you develop your plan, get organized, and get your resources up to speed and engaged in doing what needs to be done.
  • Our Value Proposition expertise serves to assure any new initiative is designed to provide a compelling value proposition focused on address high priority customer needs in a competitively differentiated manner.
  • Our Business Model expertise guides our ability to plan out the support needed to deliver a value proposition and assure the selected approach is aligned with the strategy and capabilities of the organization.
  • Our Business Plan Coaching skills drives our ability to define the complete business plan, program resources needs, and execution tasks needed to convert an idea into an successful offering. 
  • Our Product Management knowledge and skills provide the requisite insight needed to successfully guide execution and launch of a new venture.
  • Our deep experience in Organizational Capabilities provides the executive insight needed to develop appropriate structure, process, and management systems, needed to facilitate subsequent transfer to established entities.

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