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Value Proposition Design - Training & Advisory Services

We provide training and consulting on the use and application of The Value Proposition Canvas to help clients design new value propositions or improve existing ones.

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Learn how to:
  • Design, test, and build high-quality compelling customer value propositions in a structured and repeatable way.
  • Clarify your customer needs and how you create value for them on more than just a functional level.
  • Capture the gains the customer is trying to achieve.
  • Identify the barriers your customers encounter.
  • Connect specific elements of your offering to customer needs, delivery of desired gains, and elimination of barriers.
  • Improve the fit between customer and market opportunities and business capabilities.
  • Identify opportunities for improving your competitive advantage.
  • Compare the quality of your offering against your competitors to identify opportunities for improvement or competitive advantage.
  • Examine fit to customer, market, technology, and business
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Target Audience:
  • New start-up businesses who are seeking to define their market offerings.
  • Established businesses seeking to improve their market traction and competitive advantage of current offerings.
  • Established businesses seeking to add new products and services.

We offer three (3) tiers of Value Proposition training services:

bootstrap This seminar provides an introduction to the concepts and components of the Value Proposition Canvas, equipping attendees with the foundation knowledge needed to pursue additional training and use of the tools, either on their own, or through additional structured training and consulting.

The Bootstrap Seminar is periodically offered in a public (open registration) venue at various locations, and is also available on-line at the Innovation Oxygen Academy.   Please contact us for more information on our public seminars.

workshop This is an intensive workshop providing in-depth, hands-on training in the use and application of the Value Proposition Canvas.  Attendees learn how to apply the model along with approaches to drive innovation and specific techniques to validate ideas and assumptions with customers (see detailed syllabus). 

The Master Class Workshop is offered in multiple formats:
  • Public (open registration) venue, which are offered periodically at various locations.  Please see our seminar schedule for the next seminar near you. 

  • Private - restricted to your company or team, and provided on demand at your location. (Contact us to schedule a private in-house seminar for your team(s)
  • On-line - self paced training.
 Contact us for more information on our Master Class Workshops
advisory serviceEnlist us for a comprehensive engagement that includes coaching and advice as you work through the process of defining and validating a value proposition. This begins with customized in-house training that can span over an extended period of time, with advice and guidance as you work through a Value Proposition definition project.  Contact us for more information on our guided implementations.

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