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  • We help firms grow by innovating.

    As Innovation Management consultants, we provide the Innovation Oxygen TM  needed  to help firms of all sizes drive growth through:
    • Creation of compelling value propositions and innovative business models.

    • Discovery of hidden opportunities in current markets served.

    • Leveraging the untapped capabilities of current resources.
  • We Fix Underperforming Programs

    If any of the following is true about your business, we can help.
    • not achieving the revenue and growth you desire

    • investments in new offerings not delivering sufficent return on investment

    • constantly chasing your competitors, products are late to market, over budget, and failing to delight customers?
    We help organizations improve their ability to successfully create and deliver the right product, to the right market, at the right time.
  • Translate Ideas Into Programs

    Have a new idea you need to get off the ground or have a new market growth opportunity to explore?
    • We help you define exactly what is needed to succeed, and help you avoid costly mistakes in hiring the wrong skills or selecting the wrong partners.

    • Our expertise in front end planning can help you quickly transform your raw idea into an executable program, with clear visibility to cost, resource requirements, and potential return.

Service Offerings

Delivered Outcomes

Areas of Expertise

  • Disruptive Opportunities

    disruptive opportunity
    • Evaluating industy dynamics and trends.
    • Identifying underserved needs.
    • Determining impact of new technologies.
    • Changing the "rules of the game."
  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Analysis
    • Analyzing market conditions and trends.
    • Evaluate value chains and ecosystems.
    • Mapping competitive positions.
    • Determining distinctive competencies.
  • Cross-functional Leadership

    • Organizing new inititives.
    • Fostering customer focused collaboration.
    • Improving knowledge sharing and transfer.
    • Developing staff skills and capabilities.
  • Innovating for Growth

    • Optimizing Value Propositions
    • Creating new product or service offerings.
    • Planning and creating new lines of business.
    • Establishing new business models.
  • New Product Governance

    • Stage/Gate governance process.
    • Stakeholder engagment and alignment.
    • Aligning development with strategic goals.
    • Accelerating time to market
  • Portfolio Management

    • Optimizing mix of market offerings.
    • Sustaining growth & competitive advantage.
    • Improving ROI in new products/services.
    • Prioritizing resource allocation.
  • Technology Advice

    • Technology assessments and evaluation.
    • Vendor / strategic partner selection.
    • Negotiation of agreements.
    • Intellectual property protection and patents.
  • Subscription Services (SaaS)

    • Product architecture and feature tiers.
    • Service operation & release strategy.
    • Subscription pricing and monetization.
    • Customer support and retention.
  • Open Source Software

    open source
    • Component evaluation and selection.
    • Integration and configuration.
    • Community ecosystems.
    • Open innovation dynamics.
  • Product Management

    puzzle peices
    • Mastery of product-market space.
    • Determination of product requirements.
    • Socializing knowledge/aligning perspectives.
    • Coordination of cross-functinal activities.
  • Concept Generation

    • Identify and size opportunities.
    • Brainstorming new concepts.
    • Analyzing attractiveness of alternatives.
    • Selecting best fit opportunity.
  • Value Proposition Design

    value prop ballon
    • Customer / Market needs analysis.
    • Product feature selection.
    • Assuring product fit to market, and business.
    • Creation of competitive differentiators.
  • Business Model Innovation

    bus model pic
    • Business model/value prop. alignment.
    • Determination of infrastructure needs.
    • Marketing and distribution channels.
    • Evaluation of alternative revenue streams.
  • Business Plans

    Business-Plan web
    • Creating complete business plan(s).
    • Determining product requirements.
    • Identifying required operational resources.
    • Proformas: cost, price, margin, forecasts.
  • Product Roadmaps

    • Planning continuous product improvement.
    • Mapping incremental market expansion.
    • Tracking evolution of market needs.
    • Evaluating emerging technology impact.
  • Commercialization

    • Market introduction and launch planning.
    • Developing channel plans and programs.
    • Determining pricing structure and strategies.
    • Developing sales and marketing collateral.
  • Project Management

    Project Plan
    • Defining the project charter.
    • Controlling scope, cost, and schedule.
    • Managing stakeholder expectations.
    • Identifying and mitigating risks.
If you are experiencing any of the following, we can help:


  • failing to meet revenue, profit, or market share goals
  • find yourself constantly chasing the competition
  • looking for new growth opportunities, or
  • planning a new business venture.

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