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In order to drive growth and create a thriving business, companies must have a clear understanding of their target customers and how the company creates value for those customers.  They must then be able to transform this knowledge into a compelling value proposition which is the key to success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. A vital component in your company’s overall marketing strategy, your value proposition provides the foundation of your success and drives the messaging in your marketing communication and promotional efforts. It is important that you get it right as it makes the difference between companies that thrive versus those that fight to survive.

Our Value Proposition Master Class provides participants with the detailed knowledge and understanding of how to use and apply the Value Proposition Canvas, a proven, contemporary, and pragmatic framework and technique for value proposition analysis and design. First introduced in the top selling book "Value Proposition Design" (Osterwalder, 2014) it is now being taught as part of the curriculum in hundreds of business school programs and is being used by millions of business practitioners worldwide. This is a must have tool if you want to save time and effort in designing, evaluating, or enhancing, your product or service. 

This class is applicable to:

  • New start-ups who are seeking to define their market offerings.
  • Established businesses seeking to improve market traction and drive growth.
  • Established businesses seeking to add new products and services.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Distill an idea into the one-page visual map of The Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your customers and map out their profile.
  • Gain a clear picture of how an offering creates value for customers.
  • Critically assess an offering to identify gaps in customer value
  • Differentiate yourself and stand out from your competitors.
  • Enhancing and evolving your offering to improve fit to customer needs.
  • Innovate your value proposition and test assumptions.
  • Apply techniques for enhancing and evolving your offering to produce more qualified leads, and build strong, longer lasting relationships with your customers.

 Topic Covered

  •  Impact of Value Proposition on Business Success
  • Introduction to the Value Proposition Canvas
    • Customer Profile (Circle) vs Value Map (Square)
    • Unbundling Profiles
    • Rules for Use
    • Customer Segments & Selection
  • Customer Profile
    • Jobs to be done Concept
    • Job Types
    • High Value Jobs
    • Categories of Customer Gains
    • Categories of Customer Pains
    • Trigger Questions
  • Creating the Value Map
    • Categories of Features
    • Pain relievers and Gain Creators
    • Trigger Questions
  • Creating Fit
    • Customer fit, Market fit, Business model fit
    • Business Canvas Fit
    • Business model
    • Multiple Fits
    • Characteristics of great value propositions
  • Developing Customer Insights
    • Techniques for Generating Customer Insights
  • Value of Differentiation
    • Key Value Drivers
    • Competitive Comparisons
  • Introduction to Design Thinkingn
    • Prototyping Value Propositions
    • Ways to Innovate Value Propositions
    • Minimal Viable Products
  • Testing a Value Proposition
    • Reducing risk and uncertainty
    • Validating the customer profile
    • Defining the critical hypothesis
    • Designing a Value Proposition Test
  • Best Practices in Value Proposition Design

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