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Level 1

  • No process for undertaking portfolio management.
  • No priortization of NPD projects.
  • No concern over types of NPD projects being developed.
  • NPD projects may or may not be aligned with organization's mission  and strategic plan.
  • Pet projects are prevalent.

Level 2

  • NPD project prioritization occurs during the annual budget process.
  • A variety of NPD projects are supported with little to no regard for mix appropriateness.
  • Most NPD projects are aligned with the organization's mission.
  • Pet projects exist.
  • A portfolio management process is used to manage existing offerings.
  • The ability to secure funding drive NPD project selection and development.
  • NPD concepts and projects ideas are reviewed independently.

Level 3

  • Resources can be made available should a new opportunity come onto the horizon.
  • Trade-offs are made between project ideas within a department or SBU, evaluated as a set within a group.
  • Very few, if any, pet projects exist unless approved by management.
  • Trade-offs are made in an informal fashion to manage new offerings.

Level 4

  • A formal and systematic portfolio management process is in place.
  • There is keen consideration for balancing the number of projects and available resources.
  • There is a ranking or prioritization of projects.
  • There is a balanced variety of projects.
  • All projects must be aligned with the organization's mission and strategic plan.
  • A bank of ideas exists and is maintained.


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