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The Value Proposition Canvas

canvasThe Value Proposition Canvas provides an easy to understand visual tool that can help ensure a product or service is positioned for success. The framework provides for a detailed examination of the realtionship between two building blocks, the customer profile, and the product value map. The technique delivers a repeatable and structured approach for designing, testing, creating, and managing products and services customers actually want.  It can be used when there is need to refine an existing product or service offering, or where a new offering is being developed from scratch.

Using the tool involves completeing the customer profile side for each each segment served, as each segment has distinct gains, pains and jobs.  The value map then lists the specific attributes of the offered product or service.  Each point identified can be ranked from nice to have to essential in terms of value to the customer. A fit is achieved when the products and services offered as part of the value proposition address the most significant pains and gains from the customer profile.  The resulting value proposition, is then validated with customers.

Simply using the tool with a team of diverse perspectives often leads to new and useful insights.

value canvas

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