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66 Core Capabilities

The assessment utilizes a survey instrument comprised of 95 psychometric questions that measures 66 core innovation capabilities as listed below. These capabilities are correlated and mapped to 16 core aspects of the organization. Hover over each capability for a description of what that capability entails.

DNA Focused
Real Need Focus
Offer Reinforcement
Design for Reuse
Common Platform & Standard Creation
Evaluation of Competitor's Products
Product to Market
Product Development Process
Systemic Service Innovation
Service Improvement Tracking
Experiential Customer Insights
Understand Customer Decision Making
Customer Behavior Insights
Market Research
Social Science
A/B Innovation Testing
Automated Experience & Usage AnalysisConsumption Development
Channel Develpoment
Format Development
Linkages for Development
Talent Management for Innovation
Community Approach
Customer Co-creation
External Rewards
IP Protection
Pricing System
Advantage Visualization
Idea Generation
Project Selection Decision Making
R&D Cost Control
Speed to Market
Risk Assessment
Market Regulation Insights
Product Life Cycle Management
Pilot Testing
Efficient Test MethodologyExternal Innovation Engagement
Reverse Engineering
Technology Watch
Innovation Benchmarking
Open Innovation
Goal Orientation
General Involvement
Clear Vision
Innovation Priority
Cross Function Collaboration
Idea Diffusion
Innovation Reward System
Relationship Building
Innovation Measuring
Knowledge Rewarding
Value Chain Analysis
Core Focus
Partner DevelopmentPatent Exchange
External Knowledge Sharing
Demand Generation
Sharing through Telling
Setting the Stage

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