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The Importance of Value Proposition Quality

Since the Value Proposition drives all downstream business and marketing activities, a sub-optimal Value Proposition can impact the effectiveness of all of your downstream and outboaund marketing efforts.

rip The quality of your value proposition can be the difference between a business that thrives, and one that struggles to survive. The US Department of Commerce reports that 2 out of 3 business will fail in less than 10 years. The #1 reason businesses fail is the inability to deliver real value to customers.
  • They offer something nobody wants
  • Features don’t align with customer needs and wants
  • Fix a non-existent problem
  • Target the wrong customer
explosionFailure of a firm to continually revise and evolve their Value Proposition to maintain alignment with current market conditions can result in a "blow-up" of the business. In a market survey of businesses regarding value propostions:
  • 69% have value propositions,
  • 54% had done nothing to optimize their value proposition
  • less than 5% were found to have high-quality value propositions.
This survey suggests a vast majority of firms could increase their revenue and growth by simply working to optimize their Value Proposition.

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