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Customer Segments

Customer segments are the groups of people or companies that you are targeting to buy your product or service.  Segments are based on similarities such as geographical area, gender, age, behaviors, interests, etc.  Segmenting gives you the opportunity to better serve needs by customizing your solution for those specific needs.  Different  approaches to customer segmentation include:
  • Mass market: A business model that focuses on mass markets doesn’t group its customers into segments. Instead, it focuses on the general population or a large group of people with similar needs. For example, a product like a phone.  
  • Niche market: Here the focus is centered on a specific group of people with unique needs and traits. The value propositions, distribution channels, and customer relationships should be customized to meet their specific requirements.  An example would be buyers of sports shoes. 
  • Segmented: Based on slightly different needs, there could be different groups within the main customer segment. Accordingly, you can create different value propositions, distribution channels, etc. to meet the different needs of these segments.   
  • Diversified: A diversified market segment includes customers with very different needs. 
  • Multi-sided markets: this includes interdependent customer segments. For example, a credit card company caters to both their credit card holders as well as merchants who accept those cards.

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