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What Drives and Limits Your Innovation Capability


Our 360-degress Innovation Capability Assessment is based on the InnoSurveyTM  from Innovation360, and yields an easy to understood radar-graph that illustrates your firm's strengths, weaknesses, and areas needing improvement.   Your results are bench marked against the world's largest innovation database of 1000's of companies across 62 countries and are accompanied by a detailed report and presented in an interactive briefing with key stakeholders.

The assessment collects a compilation of insights from multiple external and internal stakeholders that arrives at a 360-degree analysis of what, why and how innovation projects came to fruition within your firm.  The resulting a comprehensive footprint provides a clear view of strengths and weaknesses from management, employee, and external (partners and customers) perspectives.  Alignment between strategy, leadership, culture, capabilities and competencies are explored and highlighted.
This  approach provides an iterative, data-driven and evidence-based assessment to serve as the roadmap for where you need to invest to improve your innovation capabilities.

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