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Product Acuity Consulting helps clients transform thier raw ideas into successful market offerings that generate growth and establish market leadership positions. Providing a holistic range of innovation services, we help our clients: identify appropriate opportunities, create the vision, develop the plan, assemble the resources, drive execution, and produce the results they desire from thier new product initiatives. We use our proficiency in information technologies to match capabilities with unmet customer needs and identify new market opportunities not obvious to established industry veterans.  We then apply our expertise in product definition, strategic planning, market segmentation, and business development to generate and position breakthrough innovations for rapid market adoption and business scalability. 

Situations we address include:

  • Entrepreneurs with a new product concept, technology, or prototype, needing to define market focus, productize the concept, build the business, and/or raise capital.
  • Established businesses with a new technology or product concept that does not fit their current business or markets, but who wish to capitalize on their innovation.
  • Business solutions developed for internal use that may have wider market application and appeal.
  • Organizations faced with mature stable markets and seeking new growth opportunities. This includes non-technology markets where the infusion of technology can disrupt the market dynamics.
  • High growth firms facing chaos and uncertainty regarding where they should focus their new product efforts.
  • Firms simply seeking to improve the new product creation and launch capabilities.

In all cases, we work closely with our clients to develop programs which are particularly matched to their capabilities, goals, and competitive strengths.  We are exceptionally adept at unlocking the collective hidden tacit knowledge of an organization and developing the high level of cross-functional collaboration required to convert that knowledge into superior market results.  Our ability to adapt best practices to the current culture and needs of our client's organization provides for continuous improvement in productivity and organizational effectiveness long after our engagement ends.

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