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Product Acuity Consulting helps clients transform thier raw ideas into successful market offerings that generate growth and establish market leadership positions. Providing a holistic range of innovation services, we help our clients: identify appropriate opportunities, create the vision, develop the plan, assemble the resources, drive execution, and produce the results they desire from thier new product initiatives. We use our proficiency in information technologies to match capabilities with unmet customer needs and identify new market opportunities not obvious to established industry veterans.  We then apply our expertise in product definition, strategic planning, market segmentation, and business development to generate and position breakthrough innovations for rapid market adoption and business scalability. 

Situations we address include:

  • Entrepreneurs with a new product concept, technology, or prototype, needing to define market focus, productize the concept, build the business, and/or raise capital.
  • Established businesses with a new technology or product concept that does not fit their current business or markets, but who wish to capitalize on their innovation.
  • Business solutions developed for internal use that may have wider market application and appeal.
  • Organizations faced with mature stable markets and seeking new growth opportunities. This includes non-technology markets where the infusion of technology can disrupt the market dynamics.
  • High growth firms facing chaos and uncertainty regarding where they should focus their new product efforts.
  • Firms simply seeking to improve the new product creation and launch capabilities.

In all cases, we work closely with our clients to develop programs which are particularly matched to their capabilities, goals, and competitive strengths.  We are exceptionally adept at unlocking the collective hidden tacit knowledge of an organization and developing the high level of cross-functional collaboration required to convert that knowledge into superior market results.  Our ability to adapt best practices to the current culture and needs of our client's organization provides for continuous improvement in productivity and organizational effectiveness long after our engagement ends.

Selected Past Projects and Activities

  • Launch process development for population health management services company
  • Business plan development and funding for SDVOSB (Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business)
  • Formal evaluation and selection of commercial Idea Management System
  • Creation for cross-divisional oil field services appllication platform.
  • Creation of progam management practices for HHS ONC-IT
  • Development of open meeting compliant electonic collaboration for publicly elected boards
  • iPAD based automated patient check in solution for physician offices. 
  • Mobile phone based personal health record. 
  • Secured mobile message solution for managing TBI (tramatic brain injury) patients for US Army TATRC (Telemedicine Advanced Technology Research Center).
  • Web based collaborative application for pre-natal care. 
  • SaaS based EMR and PMS solution for small physcian practices.   
  • Open source based collaboration, knowledge management, and virtual community platform.  
  • VoIP connection and long distance remediation service. (landed $10M in initial round of funding)
  • Incorporation of Ambient Intelligent technologies into furniture to create reactive office environment. 
  • Cloud base storage service provider pioneer and managed data back-up services.  Acquired by IBM.
  • Web based delivery of hosted desktop and business applications for small amd medium business segments. Products won industry recognition for innovation earning NetWorld+Interop Best of Show finalist and UK

Engagement Model

The nature or our management consulting services do not allow for the accurate determination of effort needed to provide fixed price deliverables as we are usually tightly coupled with your internal resources and activities. Therefore, we function as augmentation to in-house professional staff, providing a set number of available hours per month for a fixed fee. These fees vary according to the number of desired monthly hours and the duration of the engagement with discounted rates at higher levels of contractual commitment.

Full Time Engagements utilize the Consultant for an extended period of time in which the Consultant functions as a full timed salaried employee available and working on behalf of Client's interest 100% of the time included in the Client's normal work week. Temporary relocation to the Client's location can be supported if the Consultant is desired to be on site 100% of the time.   Full time engagements typically involve a contractual commitment over an extended period of time. 

Fractional Engagments utilize the Consultant for an extended period of time (months) in which the Consultant functions as a salaried employee available and working on behalf of Client's interest for a fixed number of hours per month, which is usually less than a full time position. Fractional engagements typically involve a contractual commitment over an extended period of time.  Consultants may work both on-site and remotely, and travel to the clients facility as desired.   

Part Time Engagements are short duration projects where the number of hours required may be unknown.  Rates are weekly / hoursly rates based upon actual utilization of time and effort..

Our Unique Insight

Our experience with a wide range of technologies and market applications often provides us with the ability to recognized opportunities not obvious to industry veterans. The one thing your company typically has is experience in your industry. However, extensive industry-specific experience often goes hand in hand with reduced awareness of what other industries are doing. Lucrative disruptive innovations can sometimes be as simply as being the first in your industry to use a technique used and proven elsewhere. Our diverse experience is the key to finding these opportunities.

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