Our services assist and support any and all of the following activities:

  • growth



    Creating new product or service offerings.

    Developing new market initiatives.

    Planning and creating new lines of business.

    Establishing new business models & processes.

  • disruptive opportunity



    Evaluating industy dynamics and trends.

    Indentifying underserved needs and hot spots.

    Determining impact of new technologies.

    Changing the "rules of the game."

  • Strategic Analysis



     Identifying customer need segments.

    Analyzing value chains and propositions.

    Mapping competitive positioning.

    Determining distinctive competencies.


  • LightbulbWeb


     Identifying and sizing opportunities.

    Brainstorming new concepts.

    Analyzing attractiveness of alternatives.

    Determining best fit opportunity for you.

  • Business-Plan web


    Creating complete business plan(s).

    Determining product requirements.

    Identifying required operational resources.

    Proformas: total cost, price, margin, forecasts.


    Technology assessments and evaluation.

    Vendor / strategic partner selection.

    Negotiation and management of agreements.

    Intellectual property protection and patents.

  • roadmap



    Planning continuous product improvement.

    Mapping incremental market expansion.

    Tracking evolution of customer / market needs.

    Evaluating emerging technology impact.

  • Project Plan



    Coordinating project resources.

    Controlling scope, cost, and schedule.

    Managing stakeholder expectations.

    Identifying and mitigating risks.

  • Marketing



    Planning market introduction and launch.

    Developing channel plans and programs.

    Determining pricing structure and strategies.

    Developing sales and marketing collateral.





  • Process



     Improving ROI from new product investments.

    Accelerating time to market.

    Increasing value delivered to customers.

     Enhancing cross-functional collaboration.

  • Team



    Organizing new inititives.

    Fostering customer focused collaboration.

    Improving knowledge sharing and transfer.

    Developing staff capabilities.



  • selection


    Optimizing mix of market offerings.

    Sustaining growth & competitive advantage.

    Improving ROI in new products/services.

    Prioritizing resource allocation.

Our Value Proposition

  • Do you have a need for seasoned innovation leadership skills but can't afford or justify a new permanent hire?

    Our interim executive services can provide the seansoned leadership skills you need, at a price you can afford. 

    We help you develp your plan, get organized, and get your resources up to speed and engaged in doing what needs to be done. 

  • Have a new idea you need to get off the ground or need a new market growth opportunity to explore?

    Our expertise in front end planning can help you quickly transform you raw idea into an executable program, with clear visibility to cost, resource requirements, and potential return.

    We help you define exactly what is needed to succeed, and help you avoid costly mistakes in hiring the wrong skills or selecting the wrong partners.  

  • Are you dissatified with your current level of return from your investments in new product development?

    Do you seem to be chasing your competitors with results that are late to market, over budget, and failing to delight customers? Do you always find yourself in reactive fire fights with too many conflicting priorities? 

    We can help you get more from your current resources by improving your organization's ability to deliver successful new innovations. 

We have specific expertise in these areas:

  • phone jackSaaS (Software as a Service) is rapidly emerging as a disruptive force in the IT industry, transforming the very nature of the vendor-customer relationships and creating new growth opportunities.

    However, SaaS is far more than subscription payments for hosted software. It has profound impact on virtually all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, finance, support, operations, product development, and customer care. Failure to recognize and effectively plan for this impact can make entry into the SaaS market a painful if not disastrous endeavor for a classic software firm.

    Our SaaS practice focuses on helping companies address the challenges of adding SaaS offerings to their product portfolios. Our services start with identification of appropriate market opportunities and continues with strategic planning, service definition, pricing, assessment and development of organizational readiness, as well as market launch. With our experience guiding the way, software companies can experience significant new growth opportunities through expansion into SaaS.

  • gold teamWeb 2.0 applications and social computing technologies are changing the way the world communicates, allowing customers, business partners, and employees to easily share opinions, wants, needs, ideas, and motivations with each other.

    These social computing tools are allow for rich collaboration environments, providing individuals users with access to collective intelligence and experiences of others.

    Our Web 2.0 practice helps clients leverage this technology to radically improve interactions with all stakeholders, including: employees, customers, suppliers,  and partners. These efforts can produce significant competitive advantage in the form of increased innovation, productivity, and organizational agility. Opportunities range from improving an organizations on-line presence through web sites that allow for user generated content and community involvement to internal applications focused on improved collaboration among project and innovation team members.

  • phone cloudInformation technology has evolved to become the central nervous system of modern business with the flow of information being critical to efficient business operations.  However, efficiency is limited if your front line is not connected to your information network.  We have deep expertise in creating solutions that solve this problem. 

    Applications include automating data collection from unmanned equipment at remote sites to on-demand information access by mobile workers.  Relevant technologies include: mobile devices such as smart phones, handheld and tablet computers; automated data collection technologies such as RF-id tags, bar code scanning, and intelligent data probes; and communication technologies such as wireless networks, voice recognition, messaging, and video communications.  

    Our experience with these applications and technologies can help identify how they might be applied in your business or industry to provide significant competitive advantage and new growth opportunities.
  • docWe have extensive experience in developing health care information solutions and our consultants possess several important industry certifications. Prior projects include: cloud based electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management systems (PMS); patient portals; personal health records; and collaborative care applications. 

    Our experience in mobile front line solutions, knowledge of web technologies, and expertise in knowledge management and collaboration provides a rich idea pool for new products in health care.  We are particularly well positioned to assist in development of applications that focus on increasing collaboration and communication with and between providers, patients, and payers.  

    Areas of specific interest and focus are applications for increasing consumer engagement and involvement in their overall health care.  

  • Our experience with the organizations below provides the diverse base of industry and technology knowledge needed to effectively serve firms from start-ups through mid-size growth and global multi-national companies in almost any industry.